The Information Management Unit within the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs primary role is to ensure alignment of information technology with the Ministry’s strategic priorities. In this regard, the Unit provides support and advise to the Permanent Secretary on all Ministry ICT Matters.

Main Competencies of the Unit include:

  • The preparation of strategic and operational ICT plans for the Ministry in line with the national ICT strategy;
  • Providing support and advice to the Permanent Secretary on ICT matters;
  • Technical advice about the procurement and/or leasing of ICT-related equipment;
  • Co-ordinate the design and implementation of Information Systems;
  • Preparation of the ICT budget and the optimisation of ICT resources.

The Unit is also involved in applying Governmental-wide policies, standards and protocols which are aimed at ensuring that IT systems are mutually compatible.

Vision:  Promoting Malta’s foreign policy across the globe through the effective use of Information Technology.

Mission: We take pride in our ability and consistent approach to strategically support our clients whilst reducing excessive bureaucratic processes through the effective implementation of technology.

Values: We are governed by the values inherent in the Maltese Public Administration, whilst working towards achieving Excellence, Accountability and Integrity; and ensuring the provision of a Compassionate and Inclusive customer centric service, through employee Empowerment and the Competent use of public monies.