On 04 May 2023, Ambassador Cecilia Attard-Pirotta, accompanied by First Secretary at the Embassy Mr Charles Calleja, paid a visit to the offices of Mano Maritime in Haifa to learn more about the company’s operations and its role in the maritime industry. The Ambassador was welcomed by Mr Moran Mano, Vice President of Mano Maritime, who provided her with an overview of the company’s history, operations, and its contribution to the development of the maritime industry in the region.

Mano Maritime, a leading cruise and shipping company, can trace its roots in Israel from before the country‚Äôs independence in 1948 and has since expanded its operations to include cruise ships, cargo vessels, and port services. The company operates in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the Red Sea. During her visit, the Ambassador was given a tour of the company’s offices and facilities, including company’s flagship cruise liner the Crown Iris at the port of Haifa. The Ambassador also met with key personnel from different departments, including sales and operations.

The visit by the Maltese Ambassador to Mano Maritime underscores the importance of promoting trade and investment between Malta and Israel and highlights the potential for further collaboration between the two countries in the maritime industry. As a testimony of the growing cooperation, The Crown Iris is also expected to make several stops in Valletta during 2023.