On 26 April 2023, Ambassador Attard-Pirotta accompanied by First Secretary Mr Charles Calleja, attended at the State Reception hosted by the President of the State of Israel, .HE. Isaac Herzog and his spouse Ms Michal Herzog, for the Diplomatic Corps in honour of the Seventy Fifth Independence Day of the State of Israel, Yom Haatzmaut. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and his spouse also attended the event.

In their short address both President Herzog and Foreign Minister Cohen referred to Israel’s democratic credentials, the country’s technological development in a number of sectors, as well as the country’s present-day challenges. President Issac Herzog, emphasised that democracy should never be taken for granted, “Debate and disagreement in a democracy are not only natural. They are critical. And the fact that, as we mark 75, Israelis are fiercely debating fundamental questions about our system of checks and balances demonstrates that our democratic discourse is vibrant and that our citizens are fully engaged.”

Ambassador Attard-Pirotta had the opportunity to personally convey the greetings on behalf of the Republic of Malta to President Herzog, as well as to Foreign Minister Cohen.

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