Fostering global partnerships to support safe, orderly and regular migration

Fostering global partnerships to support safe, orderly and regular migration

Produced By Mr Thomas Anthony Muscat, , Date: Jul 15, 2020

Migration is admittedly a sensitive subject, eliciting many emotions and fears, and often reduced to apocalyptic terms. The reality is that migration is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon that includes many stakeholders across countries of origin, transit and destination. Amid this complexity, the main thrust of our objective remains that we want migration to be a choice, and not a necessity imposed upon people. Those who have already migrated out of genuine fear for their lives or persecution should be provided the protection they need.

We thus aim to foster partnerships with other countries and international organisations to support safe, orderly and regular migration and to address the needs of refugees. The Joint Valletta Action Plan (JVAP), adopted in Malta in 2015, is one such example. It continues to provide a comprehensive partnership between Europe and most of the African continent, covering all facets of migration at the regional level. The first time a similar – if voluntary – agreement was reached at the global level was only in December 2018, with the adoption of the UN Global Compact for Migration and the UN Global Compact on Refugees. It is admittedly still early to see their impact, but the fact that we even have such a widespread agreement that sets out common responsibilities is already a step in the right direction.

While these have more long-term effects, the Ministry is involved in more tangible and immediate initiatives as well. We have been partners in the EU-funded Migration Media Award project which was spearheaded by the International Centre for Migration Policy (ICMPD) between 2017 and 2019. The Ministry has also provided scholarships for African students under the JVAP framework, which have thankfully already started to bear fruit as the first students have started successfully graduating from the University of Malta.

Whatever the initiative, we shall continue to strive for the movement of people to be managed holistically for the benefit of all.​