Minister Evarist Bartolo holds a bilateral meeting with Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Minister Evarist Bartolo holds a bilateral meeting with Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Reference Number: PR211401, Press Release Issue Date: Jul 23, 2021
Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo held a bilateral meeting in Chengdu, China, with his counterpart, Wang Yi, State Councillor and Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China. The talks mainly focused on strengthening bilateral collaboration, the need to cultivate peace within the Euro-Mediterranean amongst, other regions, and emphasis was also made to ensure a stable and secure cyberspace.

Both sides expressed their willingness to continue to nurture the long-standing relations which have reaped rewarding progress throughout the years. Next year will mark the 50th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Collaboration in areas related to education, the Covid-19 pandemic, the film industry, aviation and the maritime sector was discussed. Climate action featured prominently during these talks, in view of the investment that both China and the European Union have made in intensifying the use of cleaner energy to reach their targets in connection with carbon neutrality. Minister Bartolo stated that planet survival not only depends on reversing the climate crisis but also depends on the need for preventive diplomacy to stop the world from descending into a new cycle of military confrontation. He asserted that we need to learn to live together, managing differences so as not to become enemies intent on destroying each other.

Minister Bartolo commended China for being able to lift millions of persons out of poverty and stressed the importance of working relentlessly for peaceful coexistence among humankind. Regarding the latter, Minister Bartolo referred to the respect towards human rights as fundamental inherent rights which are to be enjoyed by every individual. Human rights should include political, social, and economic rights so people are enabled to be free from fear and want. Minister Bartolo also emphasised the promotion of mutual respect in the cyberspace area, which can be achieved by promoting responsible state behaviour in curbing malicious cyber activities. No country should allow its territory to wage cyber-war on other countries.

Minister Bartolo argued that, “The world has the resources, scientific advancement and sufficient technology to feed mankind, heal most diseases, and educate billions of children. It is up to the politicians to decide whether knowledge and wealth is used to liberate or enslave people, for peace and prosperity or for war and misery”

The two sides agreed on the importance that the United Nations has in promoting conflict resolution in different regions. The Libyan question was raised, and both agreed on a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned solution facilitated through active multilateral efforts under the auspices of the United Nations. Furthermore, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East Peace Process and Afghanistan were also discussed during the meeting. Both sides reaffirmed their resolve to spare no efforts in contributing towards peace processes and stability.

Photo of all parties during the bilateral meeting 
Minister Evarist Bartolo and the Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi 
Minister Evarist Bartolo during the bilateral meeting