Documentaries and Archives

Documentaries and Archives

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As a Maltese living abroad stop a few minutes to savour the historical heritage and culture that your family’s birthplace can offer.  Malta and Gozo are but an archipelago blessed by the second highest concentration of historical sites in the world. The archipelago boasts of a multitude of churches, palaces and museums as well as the oldest free-standing buildings in the world: the Maltese temples. All these finely wrapped in a background of blue sky and sea as well as hilly landscapes that, along with the local festas and ongoing activities round the clock, can only guarantee the most pleasurable of time. Brochure courtesy of MTA.

Podcast series in connection with Treasures of Malta from Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti

In this episode of the podcast ‘Treasures of Malta’, Francesca Balzan holds a conversation with percussionist and sound artist Renzo Spiteri about his life in music and his adventures in the Shetlands:​

In this episode of the podcast ‘Treasures of Malta’, Francesca Balzan holds a conversation with historian Joan Abela:​

In this episode of the podcast ‘Treasures of Malta’, Francesca Balzan holds a conversation with renowned international rug and interior designer Suzanne Sharp:

In this episode of the podcast Treasures of Malta Francesca Balzan holds a conversation with marine archaeologist Prof. Timmy Gambin about the wealth of treasures lying on the Maltese seabed:

In this episode, Francesca Balzan has a conversation with jurist, author and researcher Judge Emeritus Giovanni Bonello about his life in art and history research.​

In this episode, Francesca Balzan has a conversation with curator and professed Knight of Malta, Frà John Critien about his life in art and history.

In this podcast series of interviews Francesca Balzan has a conversation with internationally renowned conductor, pianist and organist Wayne Marshall OBE about his life and music.

In this podcast series of interviews Francesca Balzan has a conversation with philosopher, playwright and author Prof. Joe Friggieri about his life in the arts.

Anna Borg Cardona is a musician and music researcher whose eyes fire up with incredible excitement whenever she talks about the discoveries she keeps making in our many rich historic archives here in Malta.

Maltese museum in Australia keeps heritage alive
Did you know that there is a museum dedicated to Maltese culture, heritage and traditions in Morwell, Latrobe Valley in Australia?

This is Australia’s first and only museum dedicated to all things Maltese, and its primary aim is to keep Maltese-Australian expats connected to their home country.

The Latrobe Valley Maltese Museum was founded by Mario Sammut in 2018.

Video co-productions by Malta Tourism Authority and Heritage Malta on Maltese heritage

Episode from Infotainment Programme ’Ħajjitna Ktieb’ during which John Demanuele interviews Michael Refalo on the Maltese in Egypt

Dwejra, GOZO

The National Archives of Malta
The National Archives of Malta is the government entity that preserves and maintains a significant number of records concerning the history of Malta and provides access to them for research. It holds one of the largest archival collections in Malta, spanning from the 1530s up to the current day.  The National Archives is more than government records. Many private collections are deposited and donated by individuals. These collections add context, depth, variety, as well as a different perspective on history, to the material already held in the repository.  Visit us on

MEMORJA is the oral, sound and visual archive of the National Archives of Malta intent on become the Maltese Islands’ main depositor of national and public memory.  By employing cutting-edge research, methodologies, theoretical and archival approaches, MEMORJA collects, records, transcribes and preserves community/shared and individual memories, oral history/traditions, knowledge and experiences as well as makes them available for research, interpretation and educational purposes.  The digital platform of the project is being developed:

Maltese passport applications on Archives Portal Europe
The National Archives of Malta has uploaded a selection of passport applications from its holdings, covering the period 1870 – 1938, on Archives Portal Europe.  These applications may be accessed on  To search for a particular passport application, please go to the SEARCH tab at the top and enter the surname and/or name of the person in the search box on the right. Then, tick ‘Malta’ from the list of countries/archives on the left so that the search engine narrows the results to the Malta National Archives records.
Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade
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