FAQs | Scholarships Unit

FAQs | Scholarships Unit

Where can I check for scholarship opportunities abroad?

For any available scholarship opportunities abroad, individuals may check the Scholarships section within the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade​ (MFET) website; the Malta University website and the Malta Government Gazette. Access can also be made from the servizz.gov through the Maltapps by clicking on the Education, Science and Technology​ section and public employees may also check from the Government intranet portal.

How can I apply for a scholarship offered through MFET?

Interested applicants must follow the application requirements with the offering Institution/Government and fill in an MFET application e-form for every scholarship application.

What documentation do I have to submit for any given scholarship?

Documentation required for each scholarship is listed in each call for application and can vary accordingly.

Who is entitled to apply for scholarships?

Scholarships offered from other countries or international organisations through MFET are only available to Maltese citizens.

How would I be informed with the interview date?

Applicants will receive an email with the date and time of the interview which have to be acknowledged.

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