Ambassador Friggieri congratulates the German-Maltese society of Germany

Ambassador Friggieri congratulates the German-Maltese society of Germany

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Jul 04, 2016
The German-Maltese Society of Germany was founded 25 years ago in Adenau. To mark the occasion, the Society published a book outlining its aims, history and main achievements. Ambassador Dr Albert Friggieri sent a congratulatory message which was included in the publication. Ambassador Friggieri wrote:


It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the German-Maltese Society on its 25th birthday!

When I was Ambassador of Malta in Bonn in 1986-87, I met the then mayor of Adenau, Mr. Bernd Schiffarth. The idea of establishing a German-Maltese society in Germany was the result of our conversations thirty years ago.

The link between Adenau and Malta is the Order of the Knights of St. John. The long connection of Adenau, "the town of the Knights" in the Eifel, with the Order of St. John started  in 1162, when Count Ulrich of Are gave his manor in Adenau to the Order, which then built one of its oldest German commanderies there. In the case of Malta, it was Emperor Charles V of Spain who gave the Maltese archipelago to the Order of St. John as a fief in 1530. For 268 years Malta was the "state of the Order", the home of the Knights, a first class European cultural centre and an impregnable fortress.

In 1962 several Maltese citizens and Germans living in Malta decided to set up the German-Maltese Circle in Malta. From the beginning, the goal of the Circle was to strengthen contacts between the people of both countries. Since my youth I was an active member of the Circle and during my student years at the University of Heidelberg I had often wished that a similar institution would exist in Germany.

After finishing my work at the Embassy of Malta in Bonn, I came privately again to Adenau in 1988 to promote the idea of establishing a German-Maltese society. The Maltese Cross at various points in the town and especially the friendliness of the people of Adenau contributed significantly to the fact that I felt comfortable and at home in the historic and beautiful “pearl of the Hocheifel”. It was clear to me right from the beginning that the registered office of the society should be in Adenau. In 1991 I learned, with great satisfaction, that the German-Maltese Society had been founded - in Adenau. For 17 years it was led successfully and with great commitment by its first president, Mr. Bernd Schiffarth, at the time the town's mayor.

During its 25-year history the German-Maltese Society has promoted the friendship between the people of Germany and Malta and strengthened the relations between our two countries with countless activities and laudable initiatives. I thank the members of the different committees of the past, all of them volunteers, for their generous efforts. I would also like to thank the current committee and especially the president, Mr. Christian Launer, who since 2008 has been leading the society with great dedication, obtaining excellent results. I wish the committee and members of the German-Maltese Society every success in their wide-ranging activities in favour of German-Maltese friendship, a constant interest in Malta, and ... a bit of fun in their work.


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