Malta will be prioritising climate change in the United Nations Security Council

Malta will be prioritising climate change in the United Nations Security Council

Reference Number: PR221558, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 14, 2022

“Malta considers the subject of climate change as a very important one and as one of the members of the United Nations Security Council, Malta will be giving it priority and will work towards seeing that it is addressed in the best possible way.” Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg outlined this while he was addressing a discussion panel as part of the Paris Peace Forum on behalf of the Maltese government.


Minister Ian Borg claimed that Malta is placing a strong emphasis on the impact of sea level rise on international security and peace. It is essential that in these moments we continue to show the value of solidarity, as Malta is doing through the 'Islands for Islands' initiative that was announced by Prime Minister Robert Abela. Malta is implementing the decarbonisation strategy which will lead to carbon neutrality by 2050.


He stated that Malta aims to double its contribution to the International Climate Fund in the near future. It was mentioned that our country will be offering scholarships at the University of Malta to students coming from small developing island states, in order for them to better understand the best practices that Malta is adopting, particularly in water management.


At the end of his address, Minister Ian Borg continued to explain about the world crisis we are experiencing and how this is not only a threat to the environment but also, and to a higher degree, to the livelihood of our peoples.