Malta and Greece are important partners in the Mediterranean

Malta and Greece are important partners in the Mediterranean

Reference Number: PR221354, Press Release Issue Date: Oct 10, 2022

“Malta and Greece are important partners in the Mediterranean region as together we share many common opportunities and challenges. The relationship between the two countries is a strong one and we are committed to continue improving it”. This was emphasised by the Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg during a bilateral meeting in Malta with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias.


During the discussions that took place, the possibilities of new cooperation and trade opportunities were discussed. The possibility of setting up the Chamber of Commerce between Malta and Greece was also discussed, as through it, the work, in terms of trade, can be further facilitated. Minister Ian Borg also claimed that there is also the idea of collaborating in the pharmaceuticals and tourism fields.


The two Ministers also spoke about the situation in the Mediterranean region and the challenges that exist, particularly when it comes to immigration. Minister Ian Borg has again emphasised about the need to implement the Joint Action Plan called 'Valletta' which was agreed upon a few years ago, where more aid will be given to those who really need it. Undoubtedly, the challenges in the European Union and the continent, such as the energy crisis and climate change, were also on the agenda of this official meeting.


Together with his delegation, Minister Ian Borg presented Malta's priorities to Minister Dendias as a member of the United Nations Security Council for the next two years. He claimed that Malta will always be advocating for dialogue in favour of peace and to respect the agreed principles of the United Nations.


From his end, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias stressed that the visit to Malta is a significant one. He said that the two countries share many values ​​and there is a need to further strengthen these already strong relations. Minister Dendias discussed in detail with Minister Borg the work being done by our country for the preparations of the United Nations Security Council. He also made an official invitation to Minister Borg to visit Athens in Greece, in the near future.

Minister Borg & Minister Dendias addressing a press statement in Malta

Welcoming Minister Dendias in our country
Bilateral meeting between Malta & Greece

Minister Ian Borg addressing the bilateral meeting