Discussions emerge on how the 112 private Indian investments in Malta can continue to be strengthened and potentially increased

Discussions emerge on how the 112 private Indian investments in Malta can continue to be strengthened and potentially increased

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Aug 22, 2022

"In Malta we currently have 112 companies or private investments from India, but it is necessary that in the trade sector we continue to develop this relationship we have with India and above all we also see that we increase our exports to India". This was claimed by Minister Ian Borg during a press statement and a bilateral meeting he had with the Minister of State for External Affairs of India, Meenakashi Lekhi.


During a bilateral meeting that took place at the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade in Valletta, Minister Ian Borg said that after more than 57 years of bilateral relations there is even more potential where these relations can be amplified and reinforced. Dr Borg said that despite the difference in the size of the two countries, both have vibrant economies that should be exploited in the best possible ways for the benefit of the Maltese and Indian people.


Regarding the trade sector, Minister Borg stated that he believes that particularly in the sectors of information and technological communication, pharmaceuticals and even the film industry there are many opportunities where joint strategic collaborations can be made.


The Maltese Foreign Affairs Minister stated that Malta, also as a country of the European Union, welcomes the improvement in relations between the EU and India even in the light of the ongoing global level challenges. Therefore, the Minister reiterated that Malta fully supports the strategic partnership between the EU and India for trade and free market, the digital economy, the circular economy and above all the changes in climate and ocean governance.


Dr. Borg also directly thanked Minister Meenakashi Lekhi for the support that India continuously offers to Malta on a multilateral level, including in connection with the seat that our country will be occupying on the United Nations Security Council.


From her end, Minister Meenakshi Lekhi said that she is honoured by the warm welcome she received and also stressed the need to continue to strengthen commercial ties between the two countries. The Minister for External Affairs and Culture explained how the Indian Government intends to continue signing and cooperating on a number of Principle Agreements that will improve the lives of both peoples. She reiterated that she believes that Maltese businesses have a strong potential to invest in India. Minister Lekhi also made an official invitation to Minister Borg to visit India together with a commercial delegation.