“We are working to ensure that Malta continues to attract foreign investment” – Minister Ian Borg

“We are working to ensure that Malta continues to attract foreign investment” – Minister Ian Borg

Reference Number: PR220696, Press Release Issue Date: May 25, 2022

“Such meetings serve not only as an opportunity to strengthen our bilateral relations with other countries but also serve as a platform to discuss what Malta can offer to private investors while also having the opportunity of experiencing first-hand our work, and business culture, whilst making new partnerships.” This was stated by Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg during a meeting with the Tunisian trade delegation headed by the President of the Confédération des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie (CONECT) Mr Tarek Cherif.


Minister Ian Borg stated that even though Maltas economy, compared to other countries in the world, is slightly smaller, it is among those that are making substantial economic growth compared to the same countries. He explained that this government, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, still remained in favour of businesses and families and served as an aid to everyone. Ian Borg went on to say that even now, in light of the war in Ukraine, the Maltese Government is providing the necessary assistance to businesses.


The minister said that the EU’s latest forecasts, published this month, portray an encouraging scenario for Malta’s economic prospects for 2022. GDP growth is expected to be at 4.2% when compared to the 2.7% average of the EUalmost double. Inflation in Malta is also expected to be significantly less than in the euro zone, at 4.5% when compared to the euro zone average of 6.1%.

Minister Ian Borg reiterated that the limitation of these impacts on the business community is a result of several initiatives and diversification strategies that the Maltese Government has undertaken throughout the years, and the establishment of strong export-driven sectors.


Both the Tunisian Ambassador to Malta Yassine El Oued and the President of CONECT Tarek Cherif expressed their satisfaction with the hospitality shown by government to this trade delegation. They said that the meetings they had with a number of government agencies and even local businesses were very productive and that they are looking forward to turning them into collaborations that will further improve local business frameworks.

Minister Ian Borg meets CONECT President Tarak Cherif

Minister Ian Borg addresses the Tunisian Trade Delegation meeting

Minister Ian Borg with Tunisian Ambassador to Malta Yassine El Oued