Call for EU Election Observers

Call for EU Election Observers

Assisting countries to run free and fair elections is an important element of the EU’s external relations policy. 

Since 2000 the EU has deployed over 60 missions involving the participation of over 4000 experts and observers from EU Member States. 

Election observation missions are organised by the European Commission and serve to assess electoral processes, enhance transparency and provide for greater overall confidence in electoral results.

The EU's observation of elections is based on the principles of independence, impartiality, transparency, long-term observation and professionalism.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges Maltese citizens with the appropriate experience, qualifications and aptitude for such electoral observation, particularly in developing countries, to consider applying for the role of EU Election Observers in EU missions. 

Well qualified and interested members of the public should consult the relevant Commission web page at whereby the ‘election roster’ link will provide information on the Commission’s observer database. 
By clicking on the ‘register’ tab interested members of the public can submit their CV details and become officially registered.