Visa Advice for Maltese Nationals

Visa Advice for Maltese Nationals

The Visa Advisory Unit within Consular Services Office is a point of information and provides general advice on whether or not Maltese nationals require a visa when travelling to a specific country for a specific purpose and duration of stay.

Outbound Travel from Malta:

  • For a list of countries allowing visa-free entry to Maltese Ordinary Passport holders subject to certain conditions being fulfilled, click here. (Table I)

  • For a list of countries to which Maltese Ordinary Passport holders may require a visa, click here. (Table II)

These two tables should be read in conjunction starting by checking under Table I and later checking Table II if the criteria mentioned in Table I do not fit your circumstances.

Public Officials travelling abroad on duty

  • Visa requirements and procedures for Maltese Public officials may vary from those found in Table I and II. Therefore, Maltese Public Officers travelling abroad on official duty or for duties relating to their profession outside the EU Schengen area, are to immediately contact this Unit upon being informed that they may be required to travel, and at least 3 weeks prior to intended date of travel, even if such travel has not yet been confirmed.

  • ​Such Public Officers should fill in Form A as soon as they receive indications that they might be required to travel outside of the EU and send it to addressing it to Visa Advisory Unit. Please click on these Instruction Notes should the Unit inform the official that a visa is required.

Contact Point for Visa information for MT nationals travelling abroad

Any requests for visa advice should take place either by sending an email on or by
calling Visa Advisory Unit. Further details, including the contacting hours may be found in the Contact Us section.


The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade is not responsible for the issuing of visas to Maltese nationals by foreign states. Visa requirements for Maltese nationals going abroad are invariably subject to changes by host countries. The Ministry endeavours to provide information available to it at the time of submission of the query. The information related to visa requirements contained in this document is only indicative and is issued to assist Maltese ordinary passport holders. The Ministry shall not be held responsible for any variance in the information provided. The applicant may wish to double-check requirements independently of this service. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that enquiries are submitted well in advance of the planned date of departure. Information should also be double-checked closer to the date of departure prior to travelling to countries that ordinarily do not require a visa for Maltese passport holders.

Inbound Travel to Malta

Visa Advisory Unit is not responsible for non-Maltese nationals travelling to Malta.

Foreign nationals seeking visa advice to travel to Malta should directly consult with the
Central Visa Unit (CVU) which falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality.

Should CVU advise that one should contact the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade of Malta, then, an e-mail may be sent to
Zachary Street
Valletta, VLT 1133

+356 21 242 191​