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About Us

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Consular Services Office Organigram

The Consular Services Office (CSO) within the Directorate for Consular Services and Maltese Living Abroad has been set up to bring under one roof four main government services.

Almost all provided services are supported by online forms which make it easier for clients to get the required services without the need to personally visit the office. However, due to the nature of some of the services provided this is not always possible. In that case the office is manned with dedicated officials who will guide their clients on what they need to do either by phone, email or through person to person contact.

The CSO is committed to a high level of client service. Each of the four services ensure that clients are:
  • treated with courtesy and respect; 
  • assisted in the shortest time possible;
  • provided with an efficient reply in the event of a complaint.

Suffice to note that the CSO receives amongst other an estimated annual 35,000 applications for legalisation services, 3,000 visa enquiries and 2,000 requests for general consular assistance. This explains the importance of the Office which serves as a point of reference on issues that concerns life-line issues as well as a showcase of the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, the role of which is to be of service to Maltese nationals wherever they are in the world.
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