Commonwealth of the Bahamas

The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an island country of the Lucayan Archipelago consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean; north of Cuba and Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic); northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands; southeast of the US state of Florida and east of the Florida Keys. Its capital is Nassau on the island of New Providence. 

Lucayan Indians inhabited the islands when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World on San Salvador in 1492. British settlement of the islands began in 1647; the islands became a colony in 1783. Since attaining independence from the UK in 1973, The Bahamas has prospered through tourism, international banking, and investment management.

Malta and the Bahamas share considerable similarities due to their size, shared history as previous British Colonies and now members of the Commonwealth. Both countries welcome over 1.5 million tourists annually and specialise in Financial Services and Ship Repair Facilities. With their strong historic connection to the sea, both countries also have two of the largest international Ship Registries in the world.

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