Ambassador of Malta meets Saxony-Anhalt Representative in Berlin

Ambassador of Malta meets Saxony-Anhalt Representative in Berlin

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Feb 07, 2022
The Ambassador of Malta to the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Vanni Xuereb, has resumed his courtesy visits to the representations of the German Federal States in Berlin.
On 2 February 2022, Ambassador Xuereb, accompanied by Deputy Head of Mission Mark Abela, met the Head of the State Representation of Saxony-Anhalt at the federal level, State Secretary Dr Michael Schneider, at the Representation in Berlin.

The State Secretary welcomed the ambassador and provided him with an overview of the State of Saxony-Anhalt as well as some historical background on the importance of the city of Magdeburg, the state capital, in the European context.

Reference was made to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta and Saxony-Anhalt respectively. Dr Schneider noted that, unfortunately, the pandemic has had a negative impact on most activities, from cultural to diplomatic and of course economic, and that the hesitation of a good section of the population in Saxony-Anhalt to be vaccinated did not help improve the situation. Dr. Xuereb spoke of Malta’s success with the vaccine and how, as a result, the government has already announced a phased removal of restrictions.

Turning to the political situation in Malta, the ambassador provided general information on how the Maltese political system works, as well as on the economic situation. He emphasised how Malta is working tirelessly to increase transparency and accountability in key areas such as Rule of Law, good governance and the fight against corruption and money-laundering in order to address any shortcomings. The Ambassador also noted how the main political parties in Malta are united in their support for the EU where Malta is an enthusiastic member.

The State Secretary noted that Saxony-Anhalt is considered a leading federal state in the use of renewable energy, an extremely topical issue, and the Ambassador stated that this is an area of particular interest to Malta.

State Secretary Schneider asked regarding the situation with migration in the central Mediterranean. The Ambassador provided an overview of the current situation in Malta whilst expressing Malta’s gratitude to Germany for its constant understanding and assistance including in the relocation of migrants who enter Malta illegally.

This meeting will be followed by a visit by the Ambassador to Magdeburg where he is expected to meet the Minister President and other senior representatives of the state government and legislature among others.

Wall plaque at the Representation in Berlin 

Photo of the front facade of the Representation in Berlin