Ambassador of Malta meets Länder Representatives in Berlin

Ambassador of Malta meets Länder Representatives in Berlin

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: May 03, 2022
Over the past weeks, Malta's Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Vanni Xuereb, met the representatives to the Federal Government of some of the German federal states (Länder): On 16 March, he met with Brandenburg State Secretary Jutta Jahns-Boehm; then Schleswig-Holstein State Secretary Sandra Gerken on 23 March and Baden-Württemberg State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet on 25 March.

On 21 March, Ambassador Xuereb visited the Berlin Town Hall, seat of the Governing Mayor and the government of the state of Berlin. He was greeted at the Town Hall by the Governing Mayor, Franziska Giffey, following which he had a meeting with the Berlin State Representative, Anna Maria Trasnea.

The aim of these meetings was to explore how Malta can engage with the individual federal German States, thereby strengthening the already existing close ties at the federal level.  

All conversations touched on several topics such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the General Election in Malta, the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects, tourism, education and culture, migration and the ecological as well as the digital transitions.

Further contacts with the state authorities are planned for the coming months when Ambassador Xuereb is expected to pay official visits to the various state capitals for meetings with high officials of the state authorities.

Ambassador Xuereb is welcomed at the Red Town Hall of Berlin by Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (left) and by Secretary of State Anna Maria Trasnea (right)

Ambassador Xuereb and the Brendenburg Secretary of State Jutta Jahns-Boehm

The Maltese Ambassador with the Secretary of State of Schleswig-Holstein Sandra Gerken

Ambassador Xuereb and Baden-Württemberg State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet