Public Registry Services

Public Registry Services

It is important that you follow the information in the following section if you are applying for a new Maltese Passport or in the event that you are applying to renew your Maltese Passport but have not registered your Marriage / Divorce at the Maltese Public Registry.


The Registration Section within the Maltese Public Registry, registers local as well as foreign Acts of Births, Marriages, Civil Unions and Deaths. The Malta High Commission in London, as a representation facilitates the submission of such applications. All application submissions are held against an appointment. To establish which forms you require for your particular case and how you may submit your forms, please email us on or on Kindly refrain from applying if you have not been prompted by an officer to do so.

General information:

The Public Registry Unit is regulated by, amongst other legislation, the Civil Code Cap. 16 and the Public Registry Act.

It is vital that any certificate sent to the Public Registry for registration must be original and issued by a body that is recognised by the civil authorities. For example, a certificate issued by religious authorities having no civil recognition is not consequently recognised by the Public Registry Unit and is not valid for registration of any civil status.


Article 244 of the Civil Code – Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta regulates the registration of births, marriages, civil unions and death certificates. The article states that;




” Any act of birth, marriage, union of equivalent status as defined in the Civil Unions Act or death of a citizen of Malta drawn up or registered in a foreign country by a competent authority in that country, other than an act drawn up or registered under sub-article (l) or sub-article (2) of article 270, may, at the request of any person interested and upon the Director of the Public Registry being satisfied on the authenticity of such act, be registered in these Islands in the same manner as if it were an act drawn up by any of the persons mentioned in this Title.”



For the relevant checklists, detailed instructions and forms, it is important that you contact one of our officers for further advice.


N.B. In case of deed polls or any name changes on your legal certificates, you are kindly requested to immediately bring this to the attention of one of our officers well ahead of your appointment. Since a Deed Poll is not recognised under Maltese Law, you will be required to file a new petition at the Maltese Law Courts to formally have your name change recognised in Malta.


N.B. This certificate will be retained by the Malta Public Registry. In this case, you might wish to order a copy from the Registry office ahead of your appointment at the Malta High Commission.

N.B. A few important elements that you must ensure that you are in possession of before you apply:

(1) A valid form of identification that reflects your current name and surname. (2) An original (if required translated and apostilled certificate) (3) completed forms (as provided by one of our officers).



- How long does this process take?


Once you present your full and complete application at the High Commission, the applications are sent to the Malta Public Registry. It is estimated that completion of this process takes a minimum of 12 weeks.


- What is my ID number?


Once your birth is registered you are automatically granted a Maltese identification number. This number will feature on your passport. You can still hold a Maltese identification number even if you do not hold a physical Identity Card.


- What is an apostille?


An Apostille is simply the name for a specialised certificate, issued by the pertinent authority of an issuing country. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic so it will be accepted in one of the other countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention.


- How can I complete my application? Do I need an appointment?


To visit the High Commission, you will need an appointment. This can be requested by sending an email to Postal applications can only be submitted in exceptional cases.


- Who is to sign on the part of the Birth registration form that reads ‘’The Declarer’’?


The declarer is the same person who is submitting the birth registration. It might be oneself or a relative who is doing it on the applica​nt’s behalf (especially in the case of children).

How can I order certificates that are now registered at the Maltese Public Registry?

Maltese Birth, Marriage and Death certificates that are registered at the Maltese Public Registry, can be ordered from the following website:


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